HKS181 was born in El Salvador and currently lives and works in the Washington D.C area. He is a self-taught contemporary artist who shows in the traditional gallery setting and also produces large scale murals nationally and internationally. He strives to combine the technical aspects of studio art with the spontaneity and freedom of street art. His recent projects for the cities of Baltimore, MD (Articulate Baltimore) and Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia (Cultural Exchange Visit led by the C.B.A) showcase this synthesis.

Artist Statement

I started to draw when i was a young kid, probably around 4 or so and did so all the time, scribbles, doodles, all the regular things, when i was 8 i was with my mother in the district (Wash. D.C) and walked around a corner and saw a handball court that was covered in graffiti, that was the moment my brain exploded. Graffiti has, and continues to be the most influential aspect of my life. I used to keep the two creative styles seperate, art had it's place here and graffiti had it's place there, but over the past few years ive started to let the bounderies break and started to mesh it all together, though the deeper aspects of the culture will never be understood by those not in the life, i do like the asthetics of this culture to influence the creativity in various art forms in as many people that it touches.

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